Christine Tudor
As an artist I am intrigued by work that documents the human experience. Social consciousness and identity are themes I explore in my art. Thorough research into specific sociological themes is manifested in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work. The basic form of my work may be canvas or sculpture, but computer and studio design work are incorporated into the piece. This is a reflection of my training as an artist in both fine art and graphic design.

The subject of my work started with themes that have connected to my own identity, but artistic opportunities have enable me to expand into other social themes such as the policing of children in schools. Due to the focus of my work being on social issues, the artwork is an example of self-expression, but also becomes informative. Typography is used as both a creative element and as written word to educate the viewer about a particular issue. There is an emphasis on the visual-verbal, which arises out of my graphic design education and career. I try to connect the historical to the present with timelines, information and images. My intention is to move the viewer emotionally and intellectually about the issue’s importance in today’s society.

My work does have a thematic political undercurrent and I have been influenced by artists and designers in the past engaged in art and design during political upheavals. The movements of Dada and Bauhaus are intertwined with individual artists such as Frida Kahlo and Barbara Kruger. My goal artistically is to continue these traditions within my work and many of these individual pieces are to become part of larger series.

I oscillate between art and graphic design, creating art when I am not freelancing. With each freelance graphic design job my goal is the same, to effectively communicate a client’s business or service while creating a dynamic design. My other personal design goal is in authorship of writing and illustrating.